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July 25th, 1981 - Filming has just wrapped on the Top of the Plops Summer Special and its the television studio’s wrap party on set with the celebrity guests, television station crew and a few lucky VIPs. The party atmosphere is clouded by bitterness in the air as each musical act have been at each other’s throats competing for the coveted Top Plop spot all Summer and have spent a long time with each other over the past two days. Bruce Windscreen, the television station manager is about to announce the artist who has won the Top Plop, but he is nowhere to be seen! Will this tuneful turmoil end in murder? (Probably!)


THEMES AND INSPIRATION: 1980s, Party, Pop Music, Top of the Pops

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Meet the Suspects

BRUCE WINDSCREEN - Bruce is the owner of the BMBC television station and has been for the past 2 years. He is a ruthless boss who always seems to get what he wants. Many people know not to cross Bruce but all artists want to work with him as his station broadcasts the best music program on television ‘Top of the Plops’. Tonight, Bruce will announce the artist that has nabbed the Top Plop.

JORD MICHAEL - Jord is the lead singer of popular pop group ‘Whim’. His jaw-dropping good looks and immaculate hair make him a heart throb and is the most common choice adorning the walls of teenage girls’ bedrooms. He is always followed by a herd of hysterical fans, the most invested being those of the Jord Michael fan club ran.

BELLADONNA - Belladonna (real name Aria Windscreen) is the first lady of music and a global superstar with one of the best voices the world has ever heard! She is a renowned diva with outlandish demands and a huge entourage. Whenever she is seen at the studio, she is often seen with shy runner Mindy Pauper and isn’t kind to her. Bruce has hit the jackpot as he is not only the manager of the television station, but he is Belladonna’s agent and husband. He always pays close attention to Belladonna and is very controlling of where and how she performs. One thing is for certain, whenever she does perform, she steals the show!

TREMBLIN’ TREVOR - Tremblin’ Trevor is the rebellious lead singer of rock group ‘Snog’. He notoriously doesn’t really care for his fellow musicians and is very self centred. He’s only bothered about his fame and fortune and is well known for his quite lavish, glittery lifestyle. He was a big star in the 70s and has been off the radar for a few years after a bit of bad press. He’s surprised his fans by releasing a new record which is expected not to get the coveted spot of Top Plop. He is not liked by anyone in particular, not even his band mates.

REVEREND LIONEL ITCHIE - The reverend is the biggest religious celebrity in the country. Some even say that he’s bigger than Jesus! His brand of holy pop is a hit with music enthusiasts and Christians alike. Bruce, a strong atheist, hates the Reverend’s music and doesn’t want it on Top of the Plops, but has no choice with it’s popularity. With his squeaky clean image, he is considered the saint of the music industry and any scandal would ruin not only his celebrity status, but would disgrace him as a man of the cloth.

TONY COCKBURN - Tony Cockburn is the suave and cool host of Top of the Plops and has been for 4 years. Envied by men, fancied by the ladies, and adored by children - he really is the perfect star! Since Bruce took over as manager of the television station 2 years ago, the pair haven’t seen eye to eye. Tony knows that Bruce cannot sack him because of his popularity so frequently winds Bruce up and very often gets too big for his boots.

TIFFANY SPITT - Tiffany is the 16 year old president of the Jord Michael fan club and is obsessed with the Earth Jord Michael walks on. Her life is devoted to being a committed ‘Whimsy’ and she thinks about nothing else. Tiffany is completely in love with him and she is determined to get close to Jord at every occasion possible and to eventually become Mrs Michael.


MINDY PAUPER - Simple, shy, coffee girl and runner on the set of Top of the Plops. She started on the same day as Bruce took over the studio and has worked there ever since. She is very forgettable and keeps her head down while working. If people took any attention to her, they would notice she has been hiding her face all afternoon.

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