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1ST APRIL 1929 - Loot’s Gentleman’s Club is one of the areas finest establishments for only the wealthiest and most powerful men to relax and dine. With a chain of club’s across the country, Lester Loot and his wife Lucille feel untouchable in their business. Their latest business deal reaches across the pond to Texas with the eccentric business man Peter Polinski where there’s talk of purchasing Peter’s successful club in the US. Lester has invited Peter and his daughter Paulette over to England to finalise deals and celebrate exciting new ventures with 3 days of parties. Could this business relationship be over before its begun?

THEMES AND INSPIRATION: 1920s, Great Gatsby, Charleston, Glitz and Glamour, Traditional

1920s Version
A Dealing With Death - suspects in a garden

Meet the Suspects


Lester Loot is the owner of Loot’s Gentleman’s Clubs. He has a chain of 3 clubs across the country and they are his pride and joy. He’s a charming man who likes to work hard and party hard. He’s a risk-taker when it comes to business and his intuition never usually fails him.



Lucille is Lester Loots’ wife of just over a year. She is a beautiful and stern woman with a knack for getting what she wants. She is often seen around the club dressed to the nines. She wears her wealth well. Normally by her husband’s side at such big events, she has been noticeably absent the past couple of nights, opting to leave early rather than socialise.



Rue Lette is Lucille Loot’s niece and waitress at the club. She’s a nice bit of eye-candy for the gentlemen when their wives are away. She is close to her Aunt Lucille and has been bought up by her since she was small. She is often compared to her but is noticeably warmer spirited. Rue has been feeling out of sorts recently and fainted earlier on this evening.



Peter Polinksi is Lester Loot’s newest business partner from across the pond. The pair met 7 months ago and orchestrated a deal for Lester to buy Peter’s gentleman’s club ‘Pokey Pete’s’ in Texas. Peter and his daughter have been invited to England to celebrate the business deal with three days of parties before the funds are transferred. 



Paulette Polinski is Peter’s spoilt brat of a daughter. She is the definition of ‘too much’ and is always the life and soul of any party. Flirtatious and fiery, many know not to cross her. She is very close to her Daddy and goes wherever he does. Paulette has been even more bratty than usual today but noticeably quieter.



Chip McGee is a local businessman with a small green grocers in the region. He’s a mysterious yet friendly chap and has been invited to network and indulge at Loot’s gentleman’s club for the celebrations. He’s never met the Loot’s prior to the parties and Lester can’t actually remember inviting him.

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