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You’re invited to a special open day at the Garden Estate to view the property which boasts acres of beautiful kept grounds surrounding a majestic house to make kings and queens envious. The Garden family have been trying to sell the estate for the past 6 months but are reminded daily of a tragedy that took place at the property. The young scullery maid Mari Gold was found hanged in the stables and her spirit haunts the grounds of the Garden Estate turning away any potential buyers. After appointing the help of a ‘spirit cleanser’, the family are holding an open day to show off the house and hopefully make a final attempt of a sale.


THEMES AND INSPIRATION: Victorian, Ghost Story, Halloween, Traditional


Meet the Suspects

Lord Herbert Garden

Lord Garden loves being the Lord of the manor and is a typical snooty man who loves showing off his wealth. He inherited the Garden estate when his father Basil Garden died 9 years ago. He is a selfish, greedy man and will stop at nothing to come out on top. No silly spirit will stop his big sale!


Lady Rose Garden

Lady Garden is vivacious and is completely self-centred. Some would say she is the perfect match for her husband! She’s a hopeless romantic and is used to getting what she wants. 


Woody Thorn

Woody is the estranged half brother of Lord Garden and has been out of the picture since he was outcast as a baby with his mother. Realising the Garden Estate is on the market, he’s returned to see if he can claim anything from the sale.


Sage O’Hara

Sage is a psychic medium and ‘spirit cleanser’ (or so he claims to be!) With his quirky techniques and astounding apparatus, he has been employed by Lord and Lady Garden to rid the estate of unwanted spirits to hopefully bag a sale.


Ollie Bush

Ollie is the young stable hand at the Garden Estate and has been for the past three years. Ollie fits in well with the other staff at the estate and has become quite the favourite.

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