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Its 1931 and tensions are coming to a head between the Hoodlum family and the Ritz family, two notorious gangs with dangerous and potentially deadly reputations. With long histories of crime and violence, these are two gangs you really don’t want to get on the wrong side of! It’s a big day for the Hoodlum family with the wedding of the family’s eldest son Harry Hoodlum to his first-class flapper Fliss.


THEMES AND INSPIRATION: 1930s, British Gangsters, Peaky Blinders, Bugsy Malone, Speakeasy

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Meet the Suspects


Horace Hoodlum is the patriarch of the Hoodlum family, a known family of gangsters in the area. The family have a criminal history of racketeering with their security business !Hoodlum and Sons Security Ltd"#and

pawn shop !Hoodwinkers". The family is notorious for ruthlessness with all orders coming from Horace. But as Horace’s health has been declining the past year, does he hold the some power he used to?


Ralph Ritz is the leader of the Ritz gang, vicious rivals of the Hoodlum gang. The rivalry has always been business and territory related until 9 months ago when his latest wife Sarah Ritz disappeared. Although deemed a mystery, Ralph is convinced it has something to do with the Hoodlum gang and is hell bent on revenge.


Harry is the eldest son of Horace Hoodlum. He is taking over as leader of the Hoodlum family as Horace"s health is beginning to fail. Harry is a strong and stern man and was made to lead the family as he"s a clever and ruthless individual. The only weakness in his life is his new wife Felicity as he is completely blinded by love and will do anything for his woman.



Fliss Hoodlum (previously Fliss Flaverty) is the blushing bride of Harry Hoodlum. The pair are a match made in heaven and Fliss really is the perfect bride. Harry is completed besotted with his bride and will do anything for her.


Seb Ritz is the eldest son of Ralph Ritz and second in command of the Ritz gang. He’s a hopeless romantic and not the brightest spark, often letting his heart rule over his head. His family have little faith in Ralph’s first born and often turn to other family members when a job needs doing well!


Baby Bop is the youngest member of the Ritz gang, but don’t let her age fool you! She is an anger fuelled young woman, often explosive and aggressive, driven by emotion. She is a Ritz through and through and idolises her father Ralph as she’s daddy’s little girl.


Willie is the landlord of ‘The Pheasant Plucker’ pub on Hoodlum territory and known to be an ally of the Hoodlums. The Hoodlums frequent his pub most nights and the wedding reception is being held at in the venue.



Aunt Lolly is Horace Hoodlum’s younger sister and the matriarchal figure of the Hoodlum family. She’s a fierce individual yet the heart and soul of the Hoodlum family. She is most often seen behind the counter at Hoodwinkers the Hoodlum family pawn shop.

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