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Today has seen the football club lose their final match of the FA Cup and tensions are high at the stadium. Football club manager Norman Moore is more unpleasant than usual and has been stomping around the stadium all afternoon. Shouting has been heard coming from his office as he gets to the bottom of the dramatic and unusual decline of the club’s performance recently. Players, staff and even his family don’t want to get on the wrong side of the man. Could the tense atmosphere tip someone over the edge, maybe even to murder? 


THEMES AND INSPIRATION: Football, Sports, Match of the Day, World Cup

(Photos taken at Notts County FC)


Meet the Suspects


Norman is the ruthless manager of the football club with a reputation for always getting what he wants. He has a terrible temper and his team know not to cross him. With the club’s recent losses, Nobby is not happy and suspicious that something strange is happening on his turf. After today’s final defeat, people can sense that Nobby may just lose it. 



Juan is a highly celebrated striker and has been with the football club for a year. He is the most the club has ever paid for a player and was living up to his legendary status until about 6 months ago. Recently, Juan’s party lifestyle has been spilling over into his work, some even say they’ve smelt alcohol on this breath before a game. 



Kitty is Nobby’s wife and they’ve been married for 10 years. They’re probably a perfect match. Both are mean-spirited, selfish and always get what they want. She is spoilt and can be a bit of a diva. The pair are often caught bickering as Kitty always moans that Nobby loves the club more than her. 



Tommy is the coach of the football club and has been for the past 7 years. He’s good friends with Nobby and is valued at the club. Tommy always gets the best out of the team and regularly gives Nobby advice over drinks. Maybe his most damaging advice was to enlist Juan Nil to play for the team. 



Owen Goal is the club physiotherapist and has been for the past year. He keeps his head down and does his job well. After this afternoon’s game, he has been quieter than usual and looks as white as a ghost! Some have even thought they’ve seen him shaking but can’t be sure. 



Toff is the 18 year old president of the Juan Nil fan club and she proves that girls can like football too! (Mainly because of Juan’s gorgeous physique and mysterious eyes but she is still at every game regardless!) All she wants is an opportunity to get up close and personal with her future husband but this normally results in her getting escorted off property by security. Despite her failures, she hasn’t given up yet! 

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