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Its 1962 and it’s time again for the annual Little Legover village fete but this year, the usual feeling of community spirit is over-shadowed with scandalous gossip and rumours. As a tradition, village Mayor George Moorehouse and his prize wife Penelope always judge the infamous cake baking competition. Will the competition go to plan or will murder play a part in the result?


THEMES AND INSPIRATION: 1960s, Traditional, Village, Midsomer Murders, Last of the Summer Wine

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murder mystery a terrible fete.JPG
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Meet the Suspects


George is the mayor of Little Legover and has been for the past 10 years. He loves his job and is well known for being a jolly man who gets along with everybody. He is truly the best mayor that Little Legover has ever had and sees the villagers almost as family. He has been married to his wife Penelope for 9 years. Recently, the villagers have noticed a difference in George’s personality and that he is spending more and more time in the local pub.


Penelope is the wife of the village mayor George Moorehouse. She is also head of the village committee, the book club, the ladies club, and the village fete committee. She is the perfect housewife and either idolised or envied by many in the village. Underneath her cheery exterior, she is a selfish and mean-spirited lady, always getting what she wants and not bothering who she upsets.


Cyril is the local postman. He’s well known by all the villagers and is a friendly face as well as reliable and punctual with the post delivery. He’s been in a long term relationship with Caroline Cane for 8 years and the pair live together in Old Cottage. He visits every house in Little Legover each morning so regularly has an excuse to see many villagers.


Caroline is the local school teacher and teaches in the infant classes. Caroline is quite serious and a bit of a control freak, this leaks into her life relationships. Like many others, she has grown up in the village and still lives here today. She’s in a relationship with Cyril Stamp who compared to Caroline’s almost dull persona is a cheerful chap.


Peter Pett is the village vet and is often found in his clinic examining furrier, four legged members of the community. Like most people he has grown up in the village and is a friendly fellow. He lives by himself and is married to his work. He doesn’t seem interested in dating or relationships.



Tabitha Moorehouse is a quirky older lady and is a staple member of the community in Little Legover. She’s known for her straight talking, quippy comments and some would say she hasn’t got much of a filter! She’s always lived in the village and she’s often found sat in the garden knitting or keeping herself busy. She is the mother of George Moorehouse and lives with him and his wife in their house. She is incredibly proud of him and what he’s done for the village.

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