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August 1973

It’s the height of the season at Cox-By-The-Sea Holiday Resort and the park is hosting the 10th annual ‘Miss Pretty Pins’ competition. The park’s owner and ‘Mr Showbiz’, Kenneth Cox will again host the renowned competition and is busy preparing the highlight of the year’s events. Some of the park’s loveliest ladies and sexiest sirens will be taking part in the contest including up and coming model Sylvie Dawn who will be defending her crown for the 3rd year in a row. Tension and rivalry fills the salty seaside air as the contestants get ready for the ‘last leg’ of the contest and prepare to fight to the death - literally!


THEMES AND INSPIRATION: 1970s, Vintage, Summer, British Seaside, Holiday, Carry On

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Meet the Suspects


Sylvie Dawn is the reigning queen of the holiday park’s Miss Pretty Pins contest and has held the award for the past 3 years. She has mopped the floor with the competition, is drop-death gorgeous - and she knows it! Rumours are starting to circulate that Sylvie’s diva attitude is rubbing fellow contestants and holiday park staff up the wrong way.



Kenneth is the owner of Cox-By-The-Sea Holiday Park and loves the notoriety that comes with it. He’s an eccentric who sees himself as a bit of a celebrity in the area but that’s far from the truth. Although he doesn’t enjoy the tediousness of running the park, he thrives on being the producer of the competition and is the returning host. 



Sandy Beech has been a contestant in Miss Pretty Pins for the last 2 years and has returned for the third year running. She has placed consistently in second place but is determined to take the crown this year. Just like Sylvie, she is trying to make a name for herself in the modelling industry but is having a difficult start compared to her fellow competitor.



Poppy Cox is the begrudged daughter of Kenneth Cox and a maid at the holiday park. She doesn’t match the tacky-glamour lifestyle and finds her father’s antics cringe-worthy. Poppy has shocked the whole team by signing up for Miss Pretty Pins, but no one is as surprised as her dad.



Bett Buckett is a maid in the housekeeping team at Cox-By-The-Sea. She isn’t the best maid and does the bare minimum but somehow still manages to keep her job. She can also be lazy and rude to guests. Bett isn’t a fan of her boss Kenneth but has a soft spot for his daughter Poppy who she works alongside.



Hank is the hunky life guard at the holiday park and all the ladies swoon over him. He loves being the centre of attention and isn’t shy! Hank has been working at Cox-By-The-Sea for the past 7 months and is now a favourite amongst the staff and guests. He knows how to get what he wants and uses his good looks to his advantage.

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