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January 2nd 1925 - Passengers have boarded the luxurious ‘Disorient Express’ Train en route from Istanbul to Paris. Only the richest and most powerful guests can afford a ticket and are all settled into their first trip of the new year. What could possibly go wrong?


THEMES AND INSPIRATION: 1920s Razzle Dazzle, Great Gatsby, Traditional

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Meet the Suspects


Charlie Chapstick is a very powerful hotelier and owner of the ‘Chapstick’ Hotel Chain. He has successful locations all over Europe and is a kind family man. 12 months ago, at a roaring New Year party in Chapstick’s London location, all went wrong when Charlie fell from a window on the 13th floor of the hotel. Miraculously he survived the fall, and made a shocking recovery in the next month. Although Charlie was alive, he was paralysed from the waist down and will remain in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.


Virginia Chapstick is Charlie Chapstick’s devoted wife. She loves him but loves his wallet more. They met in 1900 when Virginia caught the eye of Charlie when she was looking longingly at a ring through a jewellery shop window. Always the hopeless romantic, Charlie bought her the ring and proposed to her on the spot. Despite their whirlwind romance and quick marriage, the pair are still together after 25 years.


Annie Chapstick is the spoiled daughter of Virginia and Charlie Chapstick and the heiress to the Chapstick fortune. She has no time for her family but revels in the riches she has because of them. She is greedy, mean-spirited and will do anything to get what she wants.


Dr Sergei Fraud is an old and experienced doctor. Originally from Munich, he relocated to London 35 years ago where he was employed by the Chapstick family as a private medical practitioner. He has been in the favour of the Chapstick’s and is still employed by Charlie Chapstick to this day. Charlie Chapstick has become some what of an exclusive client due to his paralysis.


Coco Crystelle is a wealthy medium who spends the majority of her time living the high life and touring the world with her psychic abilities. A flamboyant and eccentric persona, she has become a good friend of Charlie Chapstick and frequently stays in the best suites at his hotels. She is on the Disorient Express after attending the new year party at Istanbul’s Chapstick hotel and she is on her way to her first reading of the year in Vienna.


Arthur F’Artie is the owner of a smaller hotel chain “F’Artie’s” with locations mainly in France. His business is successful and he has just opened his first hotel in Istanbul, which happens to be opposite to the Istanbul’s Chapstick hotel. Charlie and Artie are typical frenemies. Friendly and pleasant to one another but would do anything to screw over the other once their back was turned.


Greta Walters is a grumpy, old, Hungarian passenger on the Disorient Express. She is a rich lady travelling alone. She always wears black and is never in the mood for pleasantries, but is she as innocent as she seems?



Ruth Randall is simply a waitress on board the Disorient Express. She is a forward girl and seems to be asking a lot of questions of the guests of late which has got her into trouble with the managers. After her last stern telling off from the boss after annoying Charlie and Virginia at breakfast today, she has decided to be more cautious.

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